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We are a software development company that leverages artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions for your business using the Marvik brand and also do AI trainings to help your tech and management team build your own AI roadmap

AI Trainings

We can help your tech or management team get started on this fast evolving field


We can help you build the AI roadmap for your company and also help you implement it

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Introductory Workshop

Get in an intensive course an introduction to AI, going over contents of Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer vision, Object detection, Chatbots, Reinforcement and Unsupervised Learning.

AI for managers

Let us tell you about the state of the art and brainstorm and ideate with your managers and decision makers how to leverage AI for your business.

Deep Learning

Learn the theory and get practical experience with Computer Vision, Sentiment Analysis and other Deep Learning stuff such as CNN, RNN, LSTM, Transfer Learning, GAN, Autoencoders and more.

Computer vision

Get a practical workshop on computer vision using tools such as OpenCV and convolutional neural networks with Tensorflow.

AI for fintech

This workshop covers different AI practical applications for fintech businesses such as fraud detection.


We can teach you how to design, train and deploy your chatbot leveraging tools such as Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Facebook Wit and others.

AI Trainings

We also help companies identifying opportunities with management and commercial teams as well as train technical teams on technologies we use

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